Black Dirt

I am going to be the first one to admit that I have never been to Justus Drugstore-A Restaurant in Smithville Missouri.  However, I have no need to fret because Chef Jonathan Justus and his lovely wife/counterpart, Camille Eklof have opened their premiere 5000-square foot farm-to-table restaurant Black Dirt in South Plaza, Kansas City.  I believe it was … Continue Reading

Blue Koi Noodles & Dumplings

I am so happy to announce with this blog post that for the next four months I will an Ambassador for Mission Farms in Leawood Kansas!  It is going to be such a wonderful adventure to be working with each of the businesses located in Mission Farms.  I have chosen to commence this fantastic journey with, Blue Koi Noodles … Continue Reading

Taco Tuesday at TikiTaco

Hey peeps, so in honor of Taco Tuesday I decided to head over to the newest taco hot spot on 39th St.  TikiTaco satisfied my taste buds for tacos.  When I arrived I attempted to walk into the restaurant but quickly realized that it was more of a “taco truck” brick and mortar concept, if that makes … Continue Reading

Port Fonda

Years ago when I used to live in downtown Kansas City, I would hear about this fantastic food truck.  So many friends and acquaintances would rave about it.  Funny thing was that I remember back when I was a young buck living in West Texas, people would frown upon food trucks.  Typically non-hispanics would be … Continue Reading

Brunch at Brown & Loe

Another titllating place for a Sunday Brunch.  How I have never heard about this place, just mind boggles me.  Luckily Abby told me all about it (HEY Abby).  I just wish this delicious eatery was open back when I lived downtown.  Actually, five years ago when I was living downtown, The Historic Brown and Loe building … Continue Reading


Running a bit behind on my blog posting as I have been finishing up a couple interior design jobs, which I will be posting soon!  A very good girlfriend of mine (HEY Theresa) during coffee, started talking about this great little restaurant that I should try out.  She had been there a couple of weeks … Continue Reading

Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

The most eagerly awaited new restaurant in Kansas City has finally opened it’s doors!  Not only is it a restaurant but it is a restaurant-in-a-restaurant.  The minute I walked in I was greeted by the friendliest hostess (Kristin), an attentive GM (Keith), a small stage for live music and a beautiful 35 foot long bar. … Continue Reading

CACAO in Prairie Village

Hey there food lovers!  It is Saturday evening and time to try out a new restaurant.  About two months ago I was driving west on 95th St and noticed a new restaurant by the name of, CACAO (  The name immediately grabbed my attention since I am known to possess a huge sweet tooth.  The word cacao comes … Continue Reading


Above: Seafood Cobb Salad (Jumbo shrimp, lump crab, avocado, egg, cucumber, carrots & romaine lettuce)   Above: The Surf & Turf (6oz filet & Cold Water lobster tail) Another day another scrumptious lunch on the bay.  I mean, when you’re staying on the bay in Coronado California do as the native Coronado/San Diegans, right!?  I don’t think … Continue Reading

The Brigantine Seafood Restaurant

So another beautiful productive day was had here in Coronado California.  Beautiful blue skies and an ocean breeze carried the delicious scent of this popular seafood eatery.  The Brigantine ( had a lively atmosphere where both locals and visitors like myself can share a sense of community.  The first Brigantine was opened in 1969 by the … Continue Reading